dogs vs cats data cards
Thank you for sharing information about your dog or cat (with their permission of course!). This data will be used to create a data card about your pet that will be shared publicly and used to help students learn about statistics. After you submit your data, your data card will be checked before it becomes part of the public set of data cards.
Please answer all of the following questions as best/accurate as you can :-)
Is your pet a dog or a cat?
What is the name of your pet?
Is your pet male or female?
How old is your pet (in years)?
If they are less than 1 year old, enter 0.
What is the weight of your pet?
Please also select kg or lb
How much per week, on average, does it cost to feed your pet?
Please also select $NZD or $USD
What is the main colour of your pet?
Does your pet have its own bed to sleep in?
Is your pet an indoors or outdoors pet?
You can select both if they are really not more one than the other.
Please upload a photo of your pet. Try to have most of the photo being your pet :-)