This tool is being developed by Anna-Marie Fergusson (Martin), University of Auckland, as part of ongoing research into statistical modelling.If you are a teacher or researcher, and you have questions or suggestions for improvements, please email Anna. Please fully attribute any use of this tool and associated materials. If you develop teaching materials or activities using this tool, Anna would be super happy to hear about it 🙂

Welcome to stick land! Click on a stick person to select them for your sample.

Clear sample

Use your mouse/finger to drag cards around (using their heads!), switch between card view and dot view, and use the draw function to add text and axes.


You need to enter the missing information in the table above before being able to view the data in iNZight lite (click on the dark grey box). You'll also need at least 10 stick people in your sample. Click the button again to update the data.

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